Buying and selling: Bitcoin Miner offers trading with leverage

Bitcoin Miner provides traders with several ways to participate in cryptocurrency trading on its trading platform. First, there is the classic way, in which they buy a cryptocurrency at the displayed price. They can then either use the digital tokens to pay for goods and services or make a profit by reselling them after the price rises.

The latter option is particularly interesting because traders are offered leverage of up to 3.3x. This type of trading is financed by private backers on the platform, which is also the third way to participate in crypto trading in the Bitcoin Miner test.

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Trading costs are also based on trading activity

Trading fees are calculated on this platform not in the form of a Bitcoin Miner spread, for example, but in several ways. First of all, it is necessary to take into account what type of trading is being carried out. For example, crypto-to-crypto fees differ from those incurred when trading crypto-to-fiat.

Furthermore, the order fee is calculated based on both the trading volume and the balance in the trader’s Bitcoin Miner wallets. Here, traders with high balances who are very active are rewarded with cheaper fees. Since the fee structure at Bitcoin Miner is extremely complex, traders should deal with it intensively beforehand.

Account opening takes only a short time

The registration process proves to be extremely user-friendly. Those who have decided in favor of this platform after an intensive crypto trading venue comparison based on the Bitcoin Miner reviews only have to perform the following steps to register:

  • Register: Although the entire platform is not available in German, those interested should have no problem finding the „Sign up“ button on the main page.
  • Fill out registration form: The first step is now to enter some personal details into the contact form.
  • Confirm e-mail: After submitting the form, an email will be sent to the specified address. Its receipt must be confirmed.

Usability: Platform for experienced traders

Several features suggest that Bitcoin Miner is a platform for experienced traders rather than beginners. One is the large offering, which also includes numerous relatively unknown cryptocurrencies. Those who are not familiar with the market will most likely not have a chance to trade them successfully.

On top of that, the actual trading platform provides a ton of information at the same time. Now this does not mean that it is confusing. Those who have been actively trading for some time will probably find their way around quickly. Beginners, on the other hand, will certainly have problems filtering out the information relevant to their trading.