BitMEX Unleashes Guilds: Social Trading for Pro Traders

• BitMEX, a crypto derivatives exchange, introduces ‘Guilds’ – a social trading concept for professional traders.
• Guilds are dedicated spaces where users can form collectives and exchange ideas, insights and strategies in order to outperform other guilds.
• The beta launch of the platform has already attracted over 230 testers and generated nearly $330,000 in PnL last week.

BitMEX Launches Guilds – Social Trading the BitMEX Way

BitMEX, the world’s leading crypto derivatives exchange, has recently introduced a new concept in social trading for professional traders – ‚Guilds‘. Currently in beta testing, Guilds is accessible to all BitMEX users offering them the opportunity to explore and actively engage with fellow traders.

What are Guilds?

Guilds are dedicated spaces where users can form a guild with other users to trade competitively as a collective and exchange ideas, insights and trading strategies. Each guild is led by its leader who is responsible for customizing and defining its identity. Once established, other users can join the guild and converse with each other in a private chat room seamlessly integrated into the trading UI. The objective of each guild is to outperform the other ones and claim a coveted position on the Guild leaderboard which will make its members eligible for winning part of the weekly prize pool – The Guild Pot.

Initial Success of Beta Launch

The recent progress achieved by BitMEX marks an encouraging milestone for the company as it strives to provide its valued users with an ever-expanding crypto ecosystem that caters to their diverse trading needs. The beta launch of Guilds was introduced on June 29th 2023 which has already attracted over 230 beta testers generating nearly $330,000 in PnL last week.

Who Can Join?

Any verified BitMEX user can be part of a guild; they can choose whether they want to start one or join an existing one – every guild can host up to 49 members.

Statement from CEO Stephan Lutz

Stephan Lutz, CEO & Group CFO of BitMEX said “Guilds is not just designed to drive collaboration [among] the BitMEX trading community – it stands as testament to our commitment towards helping our traders thrive.“ He added that „By being part of a guild we hope that our traders can unlock their full potential by learning from their cohort“.