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• Meme coins are altcoins with actual utility in the crypto industry that originated from fun tokens.
• Five meme coins have potential to make a surprise rally and investors may find both joy and gains.
• Popular meme coins include QUACK, FLOKI, TSUKA, KISHU INU, and SHIBATOGETHER.

What Are Meme Coins?

Meme coins are altcoins that were first made for fun which then evolved to have actual utility in the crypto industry. Dogecoin, the world’s first meme coin, pioneered the space, with Shiba Inu following in its footsteps. These tokens might be fun and all, but with the popularity of meme coins skyrocketing, investors might find both joy and gains!

Investing In Meme Coins

Investing in these top 5 meme coins should make any investors‘ portfolio glow in green. Don’t wait! Jump on this Crypto Deal and get a 150% Welcome Bonus plus 100 Free Spins on your deposit today! Here are five meme coins that have the potential to make a surprise rally in the next coming days: QUACK, FLOKI, TSUKA, KISHU INU and SHIBATOGETHER.


Among the Shiba inu-themed meme coins lie the little-known Rich Quack, a duck-themed cryptocurrency with a vibrant community backing the project. According to Phoenix Group, Rich Quack is one of the most socially active meme coins in the space behind Shiba Inu by a small margin. Based on data by Coingecko, the token is flashing green right now with 11% gains seen at bi-weekly levels. If bulls manage to consolidate above its current support at $1.6731 we may see an even bigger price movement soon!


Floki Inu is another popular Shiba Inu themed token available on several major exchanges like KuCoin & OKX that has caught many investors‘ eyes pushing its trading volume up to nearly $200 million on day of listing according to CoinGecko’s data . The token has been declining since hitting high of $0.00006793 but still showing growth in later time frames as bulls try to defend its support at $0.00003774 for it target higher highs again soon!

TSUKA & Other Meme Coins

Dejitaru Tsuka or TSUKA is another lesser-known coin currently ranked 270th according to CoinGecko’s list showing gains in medium/long term charts due it’s recent 10k holders milestone achieved recently despite being very mysterious (few updates). Other popular meme coins include KISHU INU & SHIBATOGETHER which also have potential for good returns if invested correctly as no one knows what will happen next when it comes down to crypto markets so better keep an eye out always!