Dogecoin Whale Transfers $21.7M: Could Spell Trouble for DOGE Price?

• A Dogecoin whale has moved $21.7 million worth of DOGE to Binance.
• The movement was made from an address with a balance of 1,981,615,531 DOGE (worth around $143.5 million).
• This transfer may indicate that the whale wanted to sell their coins, which could have bearish implications for the price of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin Whale Moves Over $21 Million Worth Of Coins

A Dogecoin whale has recently transferred more than $21 million worth of DOGE tokens to exchanges and other unknown wallets. This large-scale transaction could be indicative of the investor’s intention to sell coins, which may cause short-term bearish effects on Dogecoin’s price.

Sending Address and Balance

The sending address in question had a massive balance of 1,981,615,531 DOGE (around $143.5 million). The fee for this transaction was minuscule compared to the amount sent – 0.00328353 DOGE – implying that this was likely done by a well-funded entity or individual known as a “whale” in crypto circles.

Destination Wallets

The funds were split between two destinations: an address connected with the cryptocurrency exchange Binance and another unidentified wallet. Most of the money (1,681,615,531 DOGE or roughly $121.7 million) went towards the latter while 299,999,999 DOGE (or about $21.7 million) ended up on Binance – potentially for selling purposes.

Implications For Price

If this scenario is true and the whale is indeed intending to sell their coins on Binance then it could mean bad news for Dogecoin’s price in the short term as such a huge amount being dumped onto the market would create significant selling pressure and drive prices down temporarily before stabilizing again at some point later on.


While it cannot be confirmed whether or not this large-scale transfer was intended for selling purposes yet it certainly pays to keep an eye out regardless as any movements from such whales can cause noticeable effects on prices due to their extremely high capital amounts they are involved in transferring around regularly in order to execute trades or investments related activities with them effectively