MATIC Soars 45.3% in Monthly Timeframe, Polygon Hard Fork Boosts Performance

• The crypto token MATIC has seen a 45.3% increase in the monthly timeframe
• Polygon’s Weekly Roundup contains updates on the hard fork for improved performance
• Fractal, a Web3 game development platform, is coming to Polygon

The crypto token MATIC has been on an impressive run in the past few weeks, with a 45.3% increase in the monthly timeframe. This surge has been largely attributed to the strong on-chain development that the token has seen, which has further fuelled the bullish sentiment in the crypto markets. To top it off, Polygon has released its Weekly Briefings, a roundup of positive on-chain developments in the ecosystem.

The most recent Weekly Briefing discussed the successful hard fork that Polygon underwent, which was done in order to improve performance. The upgrade focused on Polygon’s way of handling reorgs and gas spikes. Reorgs are a temporary copy of the entire blockchain of the ecosystem, and reducing this will ultimately improve the user experience of the blockchain. Reducing gas spikes will also enable users and developers to save on gas fees, as the rate climb in times of demand would be a lot smoother.

In addition, Fractal, a Web3 game development platform, is also coming to Polygon. This will further strengthen the reach of Polygon in the Web3 game industry. With solid on-chain development fueling the current bullish sentiment for MATIC, it is likely that we will see more positive price movement for the crypto in the coming days or weeks.